Solutions to make the transition to EVs faster and simpler

Go Eve is helping to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. Our two lines of business make significantly better use of material and equipment, thereby reducing the cost and hassle of going electric.

Our unique technology and service solutions focus on:

Electric vehicles charging station on a

Charging - The DockChain innovation


EVs - Cars on subscription 

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Introducing DockChain


A patent-pending technology for charging electric vehicles at scale...


The DockChain innovation allows multiple parking spaces to be ‘electrified’ from one base power source with a daisy chain of inexpensive and simple charging points. The technology can significantly reduce the cost involved with charging large numbers of EVs. It also removes the operational inconvenience of moving vehicles around chargers, or where rapid vehicle turnaround is required.

 DockChain makes rapid DC charging possible for all parking spaces at little more than the cost of slow AC charging infrastructure today, opening a whole number of use-cases where volumes of electric vehicles are parked, including:

Scaled charging applications include:
DockChain Benefits:
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Rapid DC charging

DockChain allows rapid DC charging for little more than the cost of slow AC charging equipment. Any specific car can now be charged in minutes rather than hours on slow AC charging. A game changer for drivers and operations teams. 

V2G becomes possible at scale:

Using DC electricity, the DockChain system gives great flexibility on when power can be bought from the grid. We're also developing the system to allow it to feed power back to the grid, thereby making better use of fleet assets, generating new revenue, and supporting grid stability.


V2G parameters can be set in the system based on the application, e.g:

- Only discharge a maximum of 20% charge from each vehicle

- Only discharge the highest capacity battery vehicles first

- Only discharge specific vehicles

- Allow drivers full control

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DockChain development:
Hardware Technician

DockChain is in the final stages of product development with the team and Imperial College London and University College Dublin.

We're already working with some partners in specific industries around the world with a target to have our production units ready in Q4-2022.  If you're interested in learning more, or becoming a trial user just contact us.

You can read more about charging at scale, and DockChain, in our white paper.

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EV Subscriptions

Go Eve's one-stop-shop for electric driving.
Cars, charging, driving, sharing, saving.
All in a tax-efficient monthly payment and low commitment.



Easily share your car and save

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Go Eve is different. We help you find the best electric car for you, make it easy and economical on a monthly package, and allow you to share your car (if and when you want) with friends, neighbours and even colleagues.


No hassle or lengthy contracts, and cash back in your pocket at the end of each month from any sharing. 

Plus, anyone sharing the car gets a great deal too. And everything is easy to manage in the Go Eve app. 

Go Eve has all the tools you need to pick and use an electric car. Route planners, charging point maps, car selection tools, etc. 

And we partner with the biggest charging networks so you can go anywhere you want. 

So join Go Eve and pick a car, talk to your neighbours, and share it. You get a great deal and you help the planet (at least a little bit).